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Accommodation: 4 independent rooms with a shared terrace and cooking area, 2 studios with own kitchen, 1 villa with 5 rooms and a few glamping spots. More details on the booking site once your application is appoved.

Work Space: There is a huge co-working space with many desks and private conference rooms if needed for calls

Dreamers: 20 -25 members and your dream crew

Internet: Typical internet speeds for the area: of 10 mpbs - 15mbps

Program: We will focus most of the workshop and celebration content for the weekends. With plenty of time to manage your day job and collaborate with your peers on the dream project you brought in or dreamt up in the jungle.

Food: We are including breakfast and 3 communal dinners. For the rest of the time you will be able to cook for yourself in your own kitchens, eat in the little pueblo Chemuyil or go out in Tulum.


Bus location: Open Google Maps

Directions by car:

From Cancun you can come by car following signs for Tulum.

Right after Akumal you will see a sign for Chemuyil before a bridge.

Take that exit on the right and follow the road till the end. Once you get there turn right.

First property on the right hand side is CHEMUYIL CLUB Y VILLAS.

Options of travel:

  • Rent a car (with a couple of friends)

  • Taxi (Will charge about 1200 pesos)

  • ADO bus to Playa del Carmen; Taxi from PDC to Chemuyil (207 Pesos + no more than 600 Pesos - always ask!)

  • ADO bus to playa del Carmen + colectivo (mini van) to Chemuyil (207 pesos + 40 pesos)

  • ADO bus to Tulum; Taxi from tulum to Chemuyil (250 pesos + 250 Pesos)

Closer to the date we will have a group chat where you can synchronize with fellow dreamers.


We are not making a commitment till 2 -3 weeks before the event (around Christmas). By then it should be clear if travel is possible. Once we book the place we expect everyone to make it happen.

Since we couldn’t block the dates andoprivatize with the venue, we also reserve the right to shift the dates a few days if is necessary to accommoddate other reservations. We will keep you posted as soon as we have any changes.


This retreat is going to be a good chance for all of us to spend a magical time together in a safe environment, in the beautiful Yucatan jungle. While the world has paused for the last year, travels have been safe and as long as we are mindful and respecting norms and protocols to keep each other safe and healthy we should have a fantastic month creating and dreaming together!

Apart from us, the dreamers, we all have a big responsibility to the local communities that host us in their countries to keep them safe.

The guidelines below include a combination of our own Dream Accelerator measures, local government and hosting venue guidelines. We will update them as required and might differ at the moment of the physical gathering.

Before arriving:

Get tested and arrive with results as close to the travel possible. Where same or second day results are possible, get tested the day before flying. Otherwise 72 hrs. is also good, as long as you isolate in between taking the test and arrival.

Try to self isolate for 5 days before travel, regarding the test result. Double precaution makes things safer.

Travel responsible: keep distance to other people when possible, sanitize surfaces that you touch, wash your hands regularly.

Health insurance:

It is totally up to you, but we do recommend having travel insurance while away from home. The health system locally and everywhere in the world is overloaded. Having insurance will ease things in any unfortunate event. While not required, we strongly recommend that you obtain an insurance policy that will cover the event of contracting COVID-19.

Physical distancing

During the month it’s going to be a little harder to social distance with the other participants , so we need to be extra mindful and responsible to ensure everyone's safety and comfort. How can we do that? Reduce physical contact with other members as much as possible. If you go out for shopping or even just at the beach, please make sure that you wash your hands when coming back to the Dream home Always be washing your hands or disinfect with alcohol gels and antibacterial wipes Keep bedrooms private, meet outdoors or in communal spaces, that are well ventilated After using co-working spaces please keep them tidy and disinfect the surfaces. We will Supply products at the location to do so During the month, you cannot attend gatherings with 50+ people (or according to new regulation, that number can be even lower) If you decide to be out for some reason, stay in open places and not in crowded places. Even in the shop, try to keep a good distance between other shoppers. Try to stick to the activities we have planned for the group and involve open spaces with lots of light and ventilation If you decide to go to a gathering, workshop, or other large event on your own, you could put the whole group at risk. If you decide to go anyways, we will ask you to isolate for 5 days on your own before returning to the group and have a negative test at hand as well


Bring your reusable masks with you. At the moment in Quintana Roo they are to be worn in all public spaces. Bring your mask with you when outside of the Dream Accelerator venue especially for supermarkets, shops, public transportation or any other public spaces where a safe social distance can't be maintained. In spanish you would hear the name “mascara” or “cubre boca” If someone asks you to put it on, politely and responsibly do so We will check in regularly in the morning and get a consensus on whether we should wear the mask or not on the premises. Whether or not the group decides to wear the mask at “home”, feel free to wear it whenever it makes you feel comfortable and safe.


Outside visitors will not be allowed, with the exception of staff/ facilitators/artists for the program. If you don’t feel comfortable to take part in a special activity for that reason, please let us know.